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Thick copper multilayer

1、Product Features:

A、Inner and outer copper thickness ≥3OZB、Inductance coil design

2、Product advantages:

A、Thick inner and outer copper thickness greatly reduces the product during use thermal effects;
B、Safer reliability power supply module.


A、High-current power supplies
B、High Current Power Equipment
C、Automotive Electronics

4、Core Technology

Thick copper laminate structure, thick copper Edge design, thick copper lamination technology, buried vias plug hole technology, thick copper solder process


Aluminum multilayer sandwich

Aluminum sandwich multilayer PCB, Multilayer PCB with embedded aluminum plate combination.

1、Functions and Features

Set metal high thermal conductivity and high density design blind and buried vias in one-sided mount metal substrate can be achieved while effectively solve the heat problem due to high power components or components brought too concentrated in the LED, high cooling electronic equipment extensive areas of power supply modules and other applications.

 2、Technical Background 

With the continuous development of LED market, the demand for metals aluminum PCB board more and more, accompanied by high-density development trend of electronic technology, the traditional single-sided or single-sided aluminum plate component placement has been difficult to meet the market demand, There is an urgent need to develop to meet the placement of high-density interconnect sided aluminum sandwich PCB manufacturing technology.



4、Core Technology

Caulking concentric aluminum vacuum technology, aluminum composite surface treatment processes, aluminum sandwich Edge Technology

5、Caulking Vacuum Technology


6、Section aluminum sandwich effect


7、Market outlook  

Metal substrate because of its good heat resistance and dimensional stability, more and more attention and importance to the industry, especially the successful development of an aluminum sandwich manufacturing technology for the metal substrate to achieve double-sided mount and provides a high-density interconnect technology platform, its applications will become increasingly widespread.

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